Its been a busy couple of months

Its been a busy couple of months! Sept 19th Jessie James Hollywood and I went down to Ventura, CA for a fashion show that she was in, for The Pretty Cult clothing for the RAW: In Translation art, fashion and music event.


The day after the event we headed back to Fresno, CA ( 3 1/2 hour drive), once we got back, I quickly stopped by my apartment, grabbed some clothes and headed right back out the door and into another car heading to Victorville, CA. Luckily, I didnt have to do the driving this time around. I dont know that I couldve handled driving for another 4 1/2 hours in the same day, it was bad enough as a passenger. We pulled into the hotel, got some rest and were up by 6am, out the door by 8:30am and on to find the golf course, where the wedding we were shooting, was being held. We arrived by 9am only to find that no one else was there and the hall was still being used for the golf tournament. After a long and eventful wedding, we hopped back into the car and were on the road once more, by 5pm. Another 4 1/2 hours to get back home and a few minor adventures along the way, including stopping for food at a BBQ restaurant that had JUST sold out of absolutely everything. So we got back in the car, hungry and tired and made the rest of the trek back to Fresno, too beat to stop anywhere else along the way. Over the next 3 weeks I edited all the pictures and created 2 versions of photo albums, one specifically for the bride and groom and one to be purchased by anyone else that would like one. Today, Oct 14th, I just completed the final version of the main wedding book and the bill for the event has been sent. Phew! A lot was learned in the whole experience and I had a great time at both events, editing and creating the books, but Im glad things have settled down for the time being. Onto the next adventure!


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