Making Fallen Angel Wings (Part Two)

Just completed the second wing for my Fallen Angel Halloween costume. Went ahead and showed my progress a bit more often as I proceeded. The next still will be to add elastic and somehow connect the two wings so that I can easily put them on and take them off, but I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to do that, so they both have time to fully dry.

Wet Foam Floral Block.

Carved with a knife, then painted with white Tempara Paint.

Decided I didnt like the shape, so I recut and reworked the foam. Touched up the white paint, then mixed bits of the Wet Foam Floral Block into some fake blood to give it texture and painted it on with a sponge brush.

Added soft white feathers to the base, smaller ones here and there and large ones all around. Splattered with fake blood. Pretty much complete.

Touched up the blood in certain areas and added bits of the soft white feathers onto the “bone” in the middle to add detail.

And done!

Im pretty happy with how they came out. Cant wait to finish the harness and try them on!

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