Making Fallen Angel Wings (Part One)


Im in the process of making wings for a Fallen Angel costume for Halloween. So far, Ive just got a somewhat fleshy looking stump.

I used Wet Floral Foam (but kept it dry) and cut it away until I had the basic shape I was after, then I molded it with my hands to more of a bone look. After I had a shape that I think would work, I painted it with basic white acrylic paint, which was a pain in the butt (it kept pulling pieces of the foam off) and then dabbed over that with fake blood to get the fleshy look. Once it dries, Im planning to stick in the feathers and touch up any spots that need extra attention or detail. This is the first time Ive ever tried this and Im not following any examples, so we’ll see how it ends up, but Im thinking it “could” be pretty cool by the time Im done.

Ive finished adding all the feathers and blood. I used 3 different types of feathers. Soft fluffy white (for the lower end, closer to the body), large regular white and small regular white, all purchased from a craft store. After placement, and replacement, I added some extra loose fluff, from the soft white feathers, to the center stump of the wing and splattered everything with fake blood. Here is the end result of wing number one:





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