Legends and Aftermath Photography

Jessie James Hollywood and I went out to a drag queen show last night at Club Legends, to meet up with a friend and co-worker of ours, that would also be performing in the show, for a few drinks. Unfortunately I didnt take my camera to the show, but it was amazing. We had a few drinks, then a few more and decided it was time to call it a night at about 1:15am. Jessie was looking fantastic so I decided that I needed to take a couple pics of her in her outfit, which was very similar to the one she wore in our previous shoot, but I just couldnt resist. So, this is what we came up with in our mildly drunken state lol. Normally I dont drink and shoot, but like I said, she just looked too good for me to just call it a night.




I bought the chair a couple of days ago from a yard sale for $23. It could use some work, but I think the scuffs and scratches give it character. The only part I think I will fix, is the spring underneath. The seat is a little lopsided because of the popped spring, it doesnt really affect the looks or use of the chair though and it should be a fairly easy fix.

Please feel free to comment on what you like or hate about the images. I’d love some feed back =)

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