Film Noir Shoot – Last Goodbye

Model: Jessica Barfield

Last Goodbye
© Dorsa Saa
I sit here waiting
waiting for you to see
that time is running out
come on and save me

It’s not your fault I’m crying
so don’t you think that at all
don’t feel guilty for something you didn’t do
just hug me and don’t let me fall

Your arms are so soft and cozy
The look in your eyes, I can’t forget
I wish you didn’t have to leave
but I know the date is set

I let the tears fall down my face
But you tell me not to cry
And that everything will be fine
I know it’s all a lie

I know you can’t stand it either
That we’ll be so far apart
And sleep all alone each night
Yet I know we’ll still be together in the heart

You give me one last kiss and hug
And wipe a single tear
Wish me luck and say goodbye
For its the last one I’ll hear

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Do you think the poem is fitting? Do you know of a different one that might work better for this image? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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