Its been awhile.

I apologize for the 3 years of absence. A lot has happened to me. My girlfriend moved in with me. We ended up moving multiple times over the years. We wouldve been together 5 years on Aug. 28th, but on July 29th, , 2 days before her 25th birthday, she decided, “I need to be selfish and be single for awhile”. She gave me 5 days to move out, in which she turned off her phone and stayed at her parents house, leaving me without a vehicle and no way to contact her. I asked numerous people if I could crash at their place, but most had roommates and/or something else keeping them from making it possible. I threw away the majority of my stuff, including furniture, except for the few things I left for Jessie. I moved with me a few boxes of clothes, my studio lighting gear, some framed prints and a couple small boxes of various items. I finally asked my father if I could stay with him and my step mom for a bit and he agreed. So, in just 5 days, Jessie caused me to lose my bestfriend and girlfriend without even a second thought, move out of my home town away from all my friends and most of my family, took my cat which I had for 11 years, throw away most of my possessions, and made me to quit my job since the drive down from Auberry wouldnt be cost effective. I moved into my fathers shed, behind his house up in Auberry. This 12×12 box became my home for the next few months. I got a job at the general store in Shaver Lake, just 20min away and worked as many hours as I could, saving up as much money as I was able. I needed to get away from there, the isolation in the mountains was killing me and winter was coming. Once it started snowing, Id be trapped. I made the decision to apply for jobs and move down to San Diego. A friend of mine let me crash at his place for a few days while I checked out the area and went to a job interview. Another friend let me stay with him the rest of the week. On the final day that I had planned to make the defeated drive back to Auberry, I contacted a woman about a room for rent. If I didnt get the place, I was going to drive back that night. I met with her, saw the place and talked for a bit. She wanted a few hours to call some of my contacts before giving me the room and so I headed off to drop off a few applications in the area. Lucky for me, Target was doing on the spot interviews and I was one of the few hired on the spot. Now with a new job, I headed back to meet the woman about the room, nervous that I wouldnt have a place to stay, but everything fell right into place and she agreed to have me move in. I now live in Carlsbad, about 7 hours from my home town of Fresno. Jessie and I would text off and on, until recent. She is once again giving me the silent treatment, without giving me a reason. For better, or worse, it is what it is. I love it here, but I still miss what we once had.

This. Is. My. New. Home.





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